2020 Student Arts Expo


Congratulations to our 2020 Student Arts Expo Winners!

1st Place: Colorful Space  by Leila Herz, First Methodist
2nd Place: Untitled by Wendy Perez Adame, Westwood
3rd Place: Untitled by Jeansey Chanchavac, Park Creek 

1st Place: Lovely Kitty by Charley Cook, Brookwood
2nd Place: The Cat In The Hat by Lucy O’Gwin, Brookwood
3rd Place: Untitled by Renata Brito, Park Creek

First Grade
1st Place: Owl by Burch Gable, Brookwood
2nd Place: Untitled by Regina Flores, Park Creek
3rd Place: Pattern Snake by Lupita Cisneros, Roan
HM: Untitled by Alexi Almonte, Park Creek

Second Grade
1st Place: Sunflowers by Sayani Guijarro Luna, Roan
2nd Place: Chinese Pagoda by Ethan Carrillo, Roan
3rd Place: Untitled by Miguelito Perez, Park Creek

Third Grade
1st Place: Bowl of Apples by Celeste Cortez, Brookwood
2nd Place: Collage Owl by Melody Zamora,  Roan
3rd Place: Galaxy Dog by Leanne Briones, Park Creek
HM: Weaving by Joselin Escobar, Brookwood

Fourth Grade
1st Place: Untitled by Caris Drubnick, Homeschool
2nd Place: The Scream meets Van Gogh by Cora Frye, Brookwood
3rd Place: Untitled by Alexa Perez Rios, Park Creek
HM: Colorful Hands by Lillian Bowers, Brookwood

Fifth Grade
1st Place: Untitled by Chloe Kelley, Cedar Ridge
2nd Place: Untitled by Sydney Brown, Westwood
3rd Place: Untitled by Kevin Gaytan, Blue Ridge

Sixth Grade
1st Place: Shibori by Landyn Vali, New Hope Middle
2nd Place: Landscape by Sofia Gonzalez, Westside Middle
3rd Place: Landscape by Amna Hussein, Dalton Middle

Seventh Grade
1st Place: Untitled by Jazmin Chavira, Dalton Middle
2nd Place: Sunset by Arely Patlin, Eastside Middle
3rd Place: Roses by Savannah Rinehard, Westside Middle

Eighth Grade
1st Place: Untitled by Jesus Guerrero, Dalton Middle
2nd Place: Collage Couple by Samantha Lara, New Hope Middle
3rd Place: Clay Monster by Tanya Camacho, North Whitfield
Ninth Grade
1st Place: Alpaca by Audrey Merryman, Dalton High
2nd Place: Markiplier by Cheyenne Green, North Murray
3rd Place: Flight - Cup by Ashley Harwood, Northwest
HM: Autumn by Trinity Bailey, Northwest

Tenth Grade
1st Place: Japanese Montage by Belisa Borrego, Dalton High
2nd Place: Ang by Maria Trejo, Northwest
3rd Place: Untitled by Kayley Howard, Murray County
HM: Slumpbowl by Melissa Gates, Coahulla Creek

Eleventh Grade
1st Place: Untitled by Ashleigh Feltman, Murray County
2nd Place: Bob Marley by Edwin Juan, Morris Innovative
3rd Place: Motel by Alondra Arreguin, Dalton High
HM: Queen Andromeda by Cason Glover, North Murray
HM: Tiger by Jennifer Lopez, Dalton High

Twelth Grade
1st Place: Still Life by Ociel Martinez, Southeast
2nd Place: New Dawn by Jessica Palmer, North Murray
3rd Place: Chameleon by Baneza Mejia, North Murray
HM: Untitled by Sisly Mann, North Murray

Bernice Spigel Prize for Excellence in the Visual Arts:
Caleb Faulknor, Murray County High School