Updated COVID-19 Guidelines - Summer 2021


In order to keep all of our programming open and running and, by doing so, continuing our mission to cultivate and sustain the arts in Dalton and its surrounding counties, we are depending on all of you to follow our guidelines for operation. It is only through this mindful group effort that we will be able to successfully offer a safe and creative environment to explore all the arts have to offer!

Thank you in advance for your partnership in keeping the Guild community safe and well!

#ThisIsYourGuild #InThisTogether

Download a PDF of the below guidelines

• All persons entering our facility or attending any Guild programming or events will be screened upon entry for any visible symptoms as well a temperature check.
• All entering or existing the building need to move through the doorway without stopping to avoid any congestion at the building’s entrance. Once in lobby or if waiting outside, social distancing must be maintained.
• All students registering for classes will be asked to sign a consent form during the registration process.
• Masks are optional for all fully vaccinated (2 weeks after second dose) individuals and all students under the age of 12. For classes or individual lessons, Guild instructors may choose to require masks based on their own comfort level. Social distancing will still be maintained in classrooms.
• Hand Sanitizer will also be offered at entry and exit of our facilities.
• Any Creative Arts Guild staff, student, or patron showing symptoms and/or a fever will be asked to stay distanced from our facilities for a period of 14 days or until a definitive negative test for coronavirus is verified. If a student or worker begins to show symptoms while at the Guild, they will be asked to leave and will be asked to wait in an isolation area until someone can pick them up.
• For all of our classes, workshops and private lessons – we will be following any guidelines set forth by Governor Kemps executive orders as well as with consideration of the guidance provided by the CDC. Additional specific guidelines and precautions for each department are listed below. Culinary Arts, Dance, Music, Visual Arts
• The Guild facility will be professionally deep cleaned on a regular basis and additional wipe downs and disinfectants will happen between each student, class, or patron interaction. Details for each department are indicated below. Culinary Arts, Dance, Music, Visual Arts
• All students will be asked to be dropped off at the curb in front of the facility or for parents to park and walk the student to the front door. Teachers will be ready at the doors to receive students. Students should not arrive to class more than 5 minutes before class time. Students will be escorted back to the pick-up line by their teachers after their class/lesson is complete or older students will be allowed to walk to their parents’ car in the parking lot while teacher watch. Teachers will remain with students until they are safely in the car with the adult that is picking them up. To accommodate this, all parents need to be in the pickup line or in the parking lot prepared to pick up their student 5 minutes before the end of class. If students are left after pickup time, they will be asked to remain in the lobby with the front desk staff until they are picked up.
• All bathrooms will have disinfectant spray available in each stall and will be attended to by staff regularly.
• Online tuition payments are preferred, but can also be made directly at front desk. For all assistance with payments, class registration, or any other need, call 706.278.0168 Monday-Friday 10am-7pm.

Additional Culinary Arts Department Precautionary Guidelines

• Culinary classes will be kept to a maximum of 8 students.
• Only chef will handle any food items and will plate each dish for students.


Additional Dance Department Precautionary Guidelines

• Dance studios are taped for each dancer to be 5 feet apart.
• Barres are taped off at 5-foot intervals. Only one child at every 5 feet of barre.
• Barres will be lysoled or cloroxed in between each class. Floors will be cleaned thoroughly at the end of each teaching day.
• No more than 25 students will be allowed in the large studio at a time and no more than 16 students will be allowed in the smaller studio at one time.
• In Dance Tot class - Only one parent per Dance Tot
• Dancers should leave all dance bags and non-dance shoes in the hallway cubbies.
• All water bottles in studio must be kept 5 feet apart. Please have your child’s name on their water bottle.


Additional Music Department Precautionary Guidelines

• Each studio will be equipped with hand sanitizer and disinfectant spray. Pianos, drums, music stands, benches, chairs, and other shared equipment and instruments will be sanitized between each lesson.
• Students are required to bring their own pencil, music book(s)/sheet music, guitar picks, violin bows and resin, etc.


Additional Visual Arts Department Precautionary Guidelines

• Each student will have a designated area with designated supplies that are prepped and ready for them before class begins. Each student will have an appropriately distanced space from their neighboring student.
• Class sizes will be monitored and kept to smaller numbers to accommodate safe and proper social distancing.
• The art studio will be equipped with hand sanitizer and disinfectant spray. Tables, chairs, scissors, pencils, paint brushes etc. and all shared materials and equipment will be sanitized after each use.