Arts in Education

Student Arts Expo

Student Arts Expo: March 1 - 27, 2024

Congratulations to the recipient of the 2024 Spigel Prize for Excellence in the Visual Arts:

Karla Rosas, Dalton High School

Click Here to read more about our Spigel Prize recipient.

March is Arts in Education Month at the Creative Arts Guild and the Guild’s 61st Annual Student Arts Expo is a big part of the celebration. All public, private, and home school students in Dalton/Whitfield County and Murray County are invited to exhibit.

Congratulations to our 2024 First, Second, Third, and Honorable Mention ribbon recipients!


1st Place - Brooks Elliott, Westwood - Basquiat Dinosaur

2nd Place - Gael Hernandez, Roan - Untitled

3rd Place - Leila Bautista, Cedar Ridge - Dinosaur Painting

HM - Allie Mulkey, Cedar Ridge - Dinosaur Painting



1st Place - Thomas Mann, Varnell - Blue Dog

2nd Place - Zulmy Lopez Garcia, Chatsworth - W is for Walrus

3rd Place - Julian Cisneros, Roan - Valentine Bear


First Grade

1st Place - Rhett Waits, Varnell - Peeking Through the Leaves

2nd Place - Ollie Tankersley, Chatsworth - Proud as a Peacock

3rd Place - Cambryn Carter, Brookwood - Untitled


Second Grade

1st Place - Roselyn Henderson, Northwest Elem. - Sea Turtle Dance

2nd Place - Evee Colberson, Northwest Elem. - Under My Umbrella

3rd Place - Jenny Ramirez Lopez, Chatsworth - Whistling a Tune

HM - Alaina Hudson, Chatsworth - Light of the Moon


Third Grade

1st Place - Ben Eubanks, Varnell - Lines of a Face

2nd Place - Talon Fair, Spring Place - Owl Eyes

3rd Place - Jessica Cortez, Chatsworth - Splish Splash, I Am Taking a Bath


Fourth Grade

1st Place - Asher Ho, Varnell - The Dragon’s Red Moon

2nd Place - Yuliana Regaldo, Varnell - Reflection

3rd Place - Ansel Rendon, Brookwood - Untitled


Fifth Grade

1st Place - Milee Eleton, Creative Arts Guild - Self-Reflection

2nd Place - Kate Snow, Varnell - Pancake Surprise (3D)

3rd Place - Caroline Broadrick, Brookwood - Untitled


Sixth Grade

1st Place - Judy Zhou, Creative Arts Guild - Lee Felix

2nd Place - Ocie Carpenter, Hammond Creek - Nike High Tops

3rd Place - Lillie Cross, Northwest Elem. - Unique DNA


Seventh Grade

1st Place - Emma Padgett, Westside Middle - Untitled

2nd Place - Jackie Zamora, Hammond Creek - Lightbulb

3rd Place - Jordan Portas, Gladden - Basketball


Eighth Grade

1st Place - Jocelyn Torres, Valley Point - Chang Bin

2nd Place - Andie Reed, Westside Middle - Untitled

3rd Place - Courtney Sheets, Westside Middle - Grandmother’s Painting


Ninth Grade

1st Place - Alyce Norton, Coahulla Creek - Omi the Water Dragon (3D)

2nd Place - Andrew Apodara, Dalton Jr. High - Untitled

3rd Place - Hunter Crain, North Murray - Portrait


Tenth Grade

1st Place - Willow Lewallen, Dalton - Untitled  (3D)

2nd Place - Charlie Anderson, Dalton Jr. High - Portrait Study (3D)

3rd Place - Raquel Estrada-Monjares, Coahulla - Untitled


Eleventh Grade

1st Place - Wadein Willingham, North Murray - Decomposing Hand (3D)

2nd Place - Jaqueline Hernandez, The Dalton Academy - Women of Colors

3rd Place - Erica Reynaso-Ramos, Murray County - Remember (3D)


Twelfth Grade

1st Place - Viviana Avila, Southeast - Untitled

2nd Place - Edith Perez, Murray County - Chain Reaction

3rd Place - Jocelyn Hernandez, Southeast - Untitled

HM - Dayana Diego, Creative Arts Guild - Succulent in Love


The Oscar N. Jonas Foundation "Art Together" Collaborative Award

K-2nd Winner: Our Starry Night - Coker Elementary

3rd-5th Winner: Homage to Charles McGee - Westwood Elementary

Middle School Winner: Untitled - Dalton Jr. High

High School Winner: Diversity - Coahulla Creek High School