Arts in Education

Spigel Prize for Excellence in the Visual Arts

Congratulations to the Recipient of the 2024 Spigel Prize for Excellence in the Visual Arts:

Karla Rosas - Dalton High School 

Now in its 24th year, the Spigel Prize for Excellence in the Visual Arts was created to honor the amazing work done for the arts in our community by the Creative Arts Guild's first Executive Director, Bernice Spigel, and to encourage more talented young people in Dalton/Whitfield and Murray County to explore the arts. 

After a stint at a New York ad agency where she worked with artists such as Andy Warhol, Bernice came to Dalton and nurtured the Creative Arts Guild through its infancy. Her decades in Dalton were marked by a selfless advocacy of the arts, education, and children's causes. 

This $1000 award is eligible to any public, private, or home-schooled High School Senior residing or attending school in Dalton/Whitfield or Murray County.


Karla was born and raised in Dalton and is an 18 year old female visual artist. She has always had an interest in art since she was a toddler and drew often as a hobby. She started to take creating art more seriously when she took art classes in high school. During that time, she focused on developing an art style she was comfortable with and painted whatever she wanted. The main inspirations of her style are Cubism and Expressionism. She loves how the artists of these movements defied the normal expectations of art and introduced new concepts and techniques. The dream-like visuals of Surrealism also inspire the composition of her work. She won 3rd place in the printmaking category of the 2023 annual art contest held by the North Georgia Fair in Dalton.


I am a young artist who loves experimenting with techniques, mediums, and ideas in my art. Most of my works are made with acrylic paint on canvas or paper. The style of my art derives from Cubism, Expressionism, and Surrealism. There's something about these movements defying the normal expectations for art that intrigues me, and I incorporate the deconstructed shapes, disproportionate perspectives, and plastered colors of these styles into my work. I feel that creating art is a way for me to express myself and my whimsical ideas. I can openly share my thoughts and emotions through art. With this in mind, the subjects and themes of my works can vary. However, a common theme in each piece is imagination and memories, along with repeating imagery such as flowers and rabbits.